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chinese journal of new drugs

chinese journal of new drugs, an academic journal in pharmacy, is directeded by state food and drug administration and sponsored by chinese medical science press, china national pharmaceutical group corporation and chinese pharmaceutical association. founded in 1992 and the journal publishes semim

chinese journal of new drugs, focuses on new drugs developed independently by china and concentrates on the development, evaluation and rational application of innovative drugs. it has become an important platform of academic exchanges on discovery research about chinese biopharmaceuticals, traditional chinese medicines, and new chemical drugs domestic and abroad. there are several columns in this journal, such as window of new drugs around the world, new drugs reviews, forum on new drug research and development, new drug reporting and assessment, major new drugs innovation, clinical trials, experimental research, pharmacists and clinic, adverse reactions, etc. it is worth mentioning that the major new drugs creation section, which was set recently to be in line with the implementation of chinese national major new drugs innovation projects supported by the national ministry of science and technology, mainly reports the important research findings during the major new drugs innovation and has become the journal's distinguishing feature.

chinese journal of new drugs emphasizes on the quality and reputation for developments with constantly growing influence domestic and abroad . it was the first batch of periodicals that became 'the core journals of china' and 'chinese core science and technology periodicals'. it is a 'quality technology journal of china' and 'ddouble effect chinese journal', as well as an outstanding implementation of 'caj-cd' specification. chinese journal of new drugs has been included in chemical abstracts (ca) of the united states, excerpta medica database (embase/em) of netherlands and international pharmaceutical abstracts (ipa) of america. it is covered by the chinese academic journal (cd-rom version) and can be found in the guide of peking university chinese science and technology index (2011 edition,ranked 5th in 16 core journals of pharmacy).

chinese journal of new drugs tracks the forefront of drug discovery, reports the information on drug registration and evaluation, publishes the latest clinical research and introduces new drugs marketed around the world. papers published in the journal reports the latest research findings covering medicinal chemistry, pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology, toxicology, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology, clinical pharmacy, pharmacoeconomics and related disciplines.

chinese journal of new drugs has become one of the high-level academic journals in pharmaceutical fields due to its authority, innovation, timeliness and practicality, with readers from hospitals, universities, institutions, pharmaceutical companies, drug administration and control as well as other departments in more than 30 countries and regions. the annual circulation of chinese journal of new drugs is increasing continously and has reached 300,000 copies per year.